Toyota: Kurt's airbags were definitely working!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Kurt Darren  | Drama

Toyota is insistent that the vehicle in which Afrikaans singer Kurt Darren was travelling when he was in an accident last year wasn't faulty.

According to Beeld, a spokesperson for Toyota Motors South Africa, Leo Kok, during a recent inquiry confirmed that the car was functioning correctly.

Tragedy struck for the musician in July 2013, when the car he was travelling in was forced to swerve for an ongoing car, causing it to roll and crash into a ditch. The accident happened as Kurt's agent, Marnus Bisschoff, and his assistant, Nadia van Rensburg, were driving the singer home after they watched a rugby match in a restaurant north of Pretoria. He suffered a skull fracture and broke eleven of his ribs.

Darren's legal team appointed experts to investigate the accident, during which the two front airbags of a Toyota Fortuner reportedly failed to deploy.

The publication was unable to reach the singer's lawyer, Delia de Vries, for comment, because she had been spending all her time in court.

And Kok refused to be drawn on details about the court case, due to the fact that both parties have appointed legal representatives, but he did say: "I can, however, confirm that our independent, technical investigation into the Fortuner is almost complete and that Toyota is adamant that the vehicle's safety functions, airbags included, functioned correctly."