L'vovo Involved In A Car Accident Hours Before His Big Release

Wishing him a speedy recovery

By  | Dec 06, 2020, 12:37 PM  | L'vovo Derrango  | Drama

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L'vovo Derrango has reportedly told Sunday World that he was involved in a car accident a few hours before the release of his EP 'Isghubu Overdose.' The unfortunate accident, described as scary, reportedly happened on Friday in KwaZulu-Natal, just as he was returning from a meeting.

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"I’m (a) strong person, just taking it easy. I’m at home nursing my pains. The sad thing is that this happened three hours before the release of my  EP Sgubhu Overdose,” he told the publication.

The muso posted an image on his Instagram in hospital and wearing a bloody bandage on his head, showing that he suffered a serious knock during the accident.

However when he posted the image on his social media, many of his followers did not believe that he was involved in a serious accident, even though he did not mention anything about a car accident.

The initial thought in their heads was that it was a publicity stunt to promote his EP, which features the likes of DJ Tira, Danger from Big Nuz, Joocy, Tipcee and many more. A few moments after he posted the injured image in hospital he posted a video and he was not wearing the bandage.

The news first broke when comedian and radio personality Felix Hlope posted a picture of an injured L'vovo leaving the hospital. He wrote, "On Friday when y'all release the album, you will catch him seated on the hospital benches."

L'vovo clapped back at Felix and said he will not be focusing on many things, but his album release, "I don't know what Felix is talking about. I will tell y'all tomorrow what happened to me, but for now I want to focus on my EP Sgubhu Overdoze because it will be released this Friday. I thank God for protecting my life," he captioned his post.

The muso has always advocated for putting South Africans needs first and vowed to not release any music until the problems the country is facing are solved.

If you are an avid L'vovo fan then you might have noticed he has not released any music. He has spoken out a few months ago revealing the reason he has not been active when it comes to his music.

A fan asked him why he has not released any music and that the industry misses him, he simply said he cannot sing properly because he is very concerned about what is happening in the country.

"I cannot sing when my spirits are not high! I have hits with so many SA artists I've recorded and kept. I wont release them. We need to fix this country first or else the country will be gone for good if we don't wake up!"

Isghubu Overdose is the latest project he has released in a while, fans are thrilled to know their fave has backtracked on his decision.

The musician who has given us many hits over the years started to voice out his concerns a long time ago and continues to do so without any fear of any repercussions. His tweets call for citizens to wake up.

"Something is happening in South Africa that people are not aware. Those with eyes that can see beyond the rainbow already know there's a revolution brewing... People are poor. You cannot lie to people forever!

"SA is ignoring the grievances of South Africans! Something is brewing... It's getting worse everyday! Listen to your people!" he tweeted.

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