Lady Zamar Reportedly Pulls Out Of Nota's Controversial Interview

It's seems her team has headed the call to cancel her appearance on Nota's podcast

By  | Feb 28, 2023, 08:02 AM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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Lady Zamar has reportedly pulled out of a controversial podcast episode with
controversial podcaster and music exec Nota Baloyi.

Also Raed: Lady Zamar Comes Under Fire After Announcing She Will Appear On Nota's Podcast

This comes after she received a major backlash on social media for agreeing to be part of a chat about teen suicide prevention and cyberbullying with Nota on his podcast ‘Music Business Authority.' The podcast was expected to be aired on Tuesday 28 February, however, Lady Zamar and his team have canceled her appearance ahead of it.

According to Phil Mphela, Lady Zamar has withdrawn from the Nota podcast interview due to social media backlash.

The singer left Twitter users foaming at the mouth after announcing that she would be a guest on Nota's podcast.

It is no secret that Lady Zamar is one of the most bullied celebrities in the country and it does not seem as if Tweeps will stop dragging her soon on social media.

This follows after she accused Sjava of rape in 2017 and the case was thrown out of court in 2020 due to insufficient evidence.  She claimed that the alleged rape incident allegedly happened in 2017 after a concert they had both attended. 

On the other hand, Nota is notorious for cyberbullying his wife Berita on social media. Nota recently claimed that Berita was taken by the Illuminati and so he said he does not want her back.

Speaking to Everything SA Music (ESAM) he said, “Witchcraft is real dawg, this is the Illuminati dawg, the Illuminati took my wife, and they think I’m gonna beg for her back whilst she has been illuminated, no dawg,” he said. “I’m not under threat dawg. She is not looking at things in a normal way, she is looking at things, as my daddy can’t protect me, my family can't protect me, I have been told to pretend, I’m not who I am, I need to be scared, she is really confused.

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