ZAlebs React To Viral Groping Video By Local Model

Model Reyn du Preez gets caught on camera groping a waitress

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Lady Zamar  | Drama

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A Cape Town based model by the name of Reyn Du Preez has been caught on camera of a local restaurant where he was seen groping the waitress on her behind.

In light of South African women fighting for their rights to not be objectified and women like Lady Zamar coming forward and relaying her sexual assault by her former boyfriend, Sjava- it seems like all the fighting and protesting is for naught.

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ZAlebs have come forward and expressed their disgust for Reyn Du Preez's behaviour and they have called him out (and others like him) to cut it out.

Of course, the model tried to recover from the embarrassment and quickly issued an apology to stop the flooding of his DMs, once the video was released by the waitress herself. 
Screenshot of model Reyn du Preez's IG story apology(1/2)

Screenshot of model Reyn du Preez's IG story apology (2/2)

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A screenshot of the Zinhle's comment on Anele's post, photo credit:

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Comedian Celeste Ntuli commented on the post and said:

"Honestly, the mentality of most men in this country is disturbing,”

Unfortunately, Reyn's apology was all a little too late because he has since been let go from his representation as a model from two of the agencies he was signed to.

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