Is Musa Khawula Coming For Lasizwe's 30 under 30

Seems Mihlali Ndamase content was not available

By  | Jun 04, 2022, 11:24 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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In South Ah, catfish Twitter accounts are the quintessential example of 15 minutes of fame and social media dominance. In the past two years, accounts like Man’s Not Barry Roux, Umalabane and Chris Excel have been catfish accounts which garnered a lot of popularity for their polarising and sometimes misogynistic tweets, comments and allegations against popular media personalities. 

The latest catfish account, which is not a catfish account anymore, is none other than the influencer-feared Twitter account of Musa Khawula. Starting off humbly and initially thought of as a similar content account as leading entertainment Twitter content creator, Phil Mphela. Khawula found his niche by being by our own version of South Africa’s paparazzi. But it now seems that as Khawula has since revealed his real identity and is currently establishing his career path as a gossip content creator, that his page has shifted from hot tea to personal vendettas against influencers. 

Musa Khawula’s believed personal vendetta against Mihlali Ndamase

One of the biggest criticisms when it comes to the content which Musa Khawula shares is the fact that for the most part his stories are works of cutting and pasting from other social media accounts to Twitter. The only difference from the stories he cuts from other social media platforms to Twitter is his tongue-and-cheek captions, which keeps fans entertained.
However, one of the influencers that Khawula seemingly has proven that he has a personal vendetta against is digital entrepreneur and leader of the Loves, Mihlali Ndamase. First exposing Mihali’s relationship with the married man, Leeroy Sidambe, Khawulo seemed to have been the dog which found its bone and was not letting it go. The reason is how Khawulo’s subsequent posts on Ndamase seemed to veer more on being malicious rather than just serving a scoop.
Is Musa Khawula coming for Lasizwe?

In June, Khawula seems to be struggling even more for hot scoops to serve to his followers.  Besides leaning towards being a fan page of Inno Morolong’s hateful and sometimes comical lives, the scoops Khawula has been serving recently are not in the posts he shares but the captions. Whether lambasting women for dating men who are foreign nationals or labelling the men in question anything from gangsters, scammers to drug dealers. Khawula’s content is reading thin. 

This might be the reason that in the absence of Mihlali Ndamase slander, it seems that Khawula has taken to taking aim at her best friend, Lasizwe Dambuza. This comes following Khawula revealing that Dambuza has made it onto the Forbes Africa 30 under 30’s list. Khawula then took things further when suggesting that Dambuza made the list not through his hardwork and years of putting in the time, sweat and Fantas. But suggests that everyone and anyone can make the list and Dambuza is not special for making the list. 
On the other hand, Dambuza was still in awe of making the list as he took to his Instagram stories to share that, “I have become so overwhelmed and anxious about posting this BIG achievement. (sigh emoji) Literally, my hands are shaking as we speak. I am supposed to be happy and excited, but I am also anxious.” He then decided to postpone sharing the announcement, which now will be shrouded under a dark cloud…

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