Fans React After Musa Khawula Exposed Mihlali’s Personal Details Online

"Even TMZ and The Shade Room don't move like Musa Khawula"

By  | Apr 26, 2022, 12:06 PM  | Drama

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Entertainment commentary is common in South Africa, with free speech for anyone to commentate and share whatever they feel without damaging the next person’s name and/or brand. Users such as Phil Mphela, Moe Stuttle, and Musa Khawula among others have been at the forefront of this trend. Local entertainment commentator Musa Khawula has quickly gained notoriety in the past months for breaking and commentating on local entertainment news through Twitter and although tweeps often like his posts and engage with them, this time, they feel the Tweleb might have crossed the line.

Musa Khawula’s Twitter account is the main account for the latest gossip and juice on celebs and their relations currently. He is also popular for writing the most controversial headlines to leave users gobsmacked  The entertainment commentator recently shared news about influencer Mihlali Ndamase’s involvement with Leeroy Sidambe who is reported to be leaving his wife Mary Jane Sidambe for the influencer.
In the Twitter thread, Khawula shared a number of snaps from Mihlale’s close friend’s content where she candidly shares her love experience with Sidambe, and their weekend plans together. He also shared a video of the influencer at a club in Rosebank with said boyfriend.

During his whole report on Mihlali, the Twitter user with almost 90K followers is said to have exposed the internet sensation’s contact details and address online and the Twitter streets are finding that irresponsible and dangerous, especially in a country with high numbers of domestic abuse and rape cases each year.

In a tweet that’s gained over 1000 retweets and shares, and over 6000 likes, one user wrote with disappointment, “Musa posted Mihlali’s telephone number, email address, and home address publicly in a country rated as the rape capital of the world.” He continued in the thread, “Honestly, and genuinely, as a public figure as she is, I am totally scared for her. I pray she’s always safe and she moves on.”
Another user took to social media, also weighing in on Khawula sharing Ndamase’s personal information online. He wrote, “I like Musa, but sharing Mihlali’s personal information online is wrong.”

Another user felt that Mihlali was getting backlash for nothing and that the person who deserves most of it is Leeroy, as he is the one cheating on his wife. She wrote, “If it is true, why didn’t Musa go after Leeroy? He is the one who broke his vows, broke his marriage, broke his home and family. Why go after Mihlali who is not married? Men get protected every day for their rotten behaviors and women get blamed.”
Other users were highlighting Musa’s level of social media usage calling him brave and reckless. A user named Johnny Malope said, “TMZ and The Shade Room don’t move like Musa Khawula,” while another one tweeted, “Musa doesn’t even say allegedly anymore. Sangoma yagage enale sangoma ya yona.”
Musa Khawule has also been responsible for sharing cringe-worthy headlines recently about AKA and Nadia’s relationship, DJ Sbu, and Amanda DuPont.
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