Lasizwe Accused Of Sabotaging A Black Female Owned Business

Who is wrong in Acrimony?

By  | Sep 03, 2022, 09:40 AM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

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Lasizwe Dambuza has been on a winning streak in recent weeks. With Musa Khawula now off his scent, the multi-award winning content creator and influencer can solely focus on making money without the fear of i’sgaxa being revealed about him and his alleged relationship with Jabu Brown. However, despite all the good, the influencer has recently been accused of allegedly sabotaging a black-female owned business after he was called on social media by its owner.

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Lasziwe returns to the SAFTA red carpet

Lasizwe this week confirmed that he was one of the five hosts set to grace this year’s South Africa Film And Television Awards (SAFTAs). This is the second time Dambuza is set to host the red carpet. While he has been showered with congratulatory messages for returning to his hosting duties. 

Phil Mphela made sure to also remind us that Dambuza has to do better than he did the previous time he hosted the red carpet. This is as for those that do not remember, Dambuza was dragged for filth as he not only did not know the actors he was interviewing, he did not know their names either, how to pronounce some and what shows the actors are from. 

Lasizwe accused of sabotaging a black female owned business   

While the timeline was filled with celebrations, there was also a video which first garnered traction on TikTok a few days earlier. However, nothing says scandal, like a story shared on Twitter. Therefore, the thread has since garnered more traction since coming on the blue app. This is as Lasizwe stands accused of allegedly sabotaging a black-female owned business. 

It all started when Lasizwe commented on a video from the businesswoman to find out how much the cost of her alcohol infused gummy bears. The rest is a story Nicole tells better herself…

Following the video going viral on TikTok, Lasizwe had addressed the matter suggesting that the gummy bears were left in the sun and that was the reason for the gummy bears melting and looking like they did. However, his stance and that of the businesswoman in question did polarise comments during the TikTok court case. 

On the one hand, there were those that empathised with the businesswoman suggesting that what Lasizwe did was sabotage. Moreover, they believed that Lasizwe should have rather not posted the melted gummy bears as it did represent the actual product that was being sold. Instead, they believe that he should have communicated with the business owner to find out if he could get a new batch to promote via his socials. 

However, there are other comments that stand with Dambuza. These comments of support suggest that the businesswoman should have not offered her products to him for free. Instead, she should have just shared the price and see if he would buy them and promote if he wanted. Moreover, the businesswoman is ridiculed as it is suggested that Lasizwe in sharing the product was ultimately fulfilling his end of the deal, despite it being two months later and the gummies having all but melted. 

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