Lasizwe's New Acting Gig Gets Mixed Reactions

He landed a role on Durban Gen

By  | Feb 14, 2022, 04:40 PM  | Lasizwe Dambuza  | Drama

Lasizwe Dambuza
Mzansi’s Sweerie, Lasizwe Dambuza, recently announced that he would be launching his acting career. He was clearly very serious about it, as he has just been cast in his first acting gig. But the news has not gotten the reception we hoped it would. 

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela took to Twitter to announce the news that Lasizwe has been cast to have a stint on the eTV medical telenovela, Durban Gen. No further details have been given on the nature of the role, and Lasizwe himself is yet to share more on the gig. 
Mzansi is split on whether casting him on the show is a great idea. Some social media users strongly feel that he is not a serious actor, and as such, they think he is going to do terribly on the show. They think that his type of acting is perfect for commercials and his funny skits, but it may not be appropriate for a serious TV show like Durban Gen. 

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Some critics are upset that he has gotten the role, despite them not considering him a “real” actor. They feel like he is taking away roles from more deserving actors who have spent years in school studying film and acting, and for him to swoop in and take such a great role from them is plain rude, and shows the level of privilege he has. 
But his fans are rather excited for him to join the show. A few have said that they have never watched the show, or stopped some time back, but now that he is joining the cast, he is about to be their only reason for tuning back in. 

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The actor has been enjoying falling in love anew with a mystery man, and he has shard swoon-worthy videos on his Instagram, teasing the day he will finally reveal his new bae. The plot twist is that he has been accused of faking this new romance. Some fans think that he conveniently “falls in love” every February, and it turns out to be a publicity stunt. Well, if it is all fake, then perhaps he is a great actor, because many of his fans have bought the videos wholeheartedly. 
It looks like 2022 is already shaping up to be a beautiful year for the comedian. Just this month, he has already done amazing things. Only a few days back, he announced that his initiative, R10 Goes A Long Way, had successfully raised enough money to put a number of students in university. 

Congratulations to Sweerie on making big moves! 
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