Oh Schuks! Prepare for a Schuster roasting

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Leon Schuster  | Drama

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The Comedy Central Roast of Leon Schuster will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City, on April 3, 2014. Why do we have to wait so long! Roast him now.

Following in the singed footsteps of 2012 Roastee Steve Hofmeyr, Schuster is setting himself up to be hauled over the coals by a panel of peers, friends, enemies, critics, comics and entertainment personalities, as they line up to subject him to a humorous barrage of praise, criticism, abuse, jokes and downright lies.

The news of the roast was announced yesterday on the Gareth Cliff show on 5FM and confirmed on Twitter by Leon Schuster who tweeted the following:

Oh Schuks! Sticks and stones may break my Bones, but now I’m gonna be roasted by @ComedyCentralAF!#RoastZA #Nandos

Do you remember the controversial first African Roast, The Comedy Central Roast of Steve Hofmeyr? Remember the drama between Kuli Roberts and Trevor Noah? The potty mouth of John Vlismas? And the dynamite liners of DJ Anele Mdoda?

The show saw firebrand Afrikaans singer, actor and activist Hofmeyr subjected to a series of barbs about his political views, music career, many adulterous affairs and children. Well watch it below.

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