Lerato K Denying Her Husband Conjugal Rights?

She is fasting from intimacy for 21 days

By  | Jan 11, 2022, 03:42 PM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama

Image of Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago’s relationship with her businessman husband Thami Ndlala has been the object of a lot of scrutiny from Mzansi. Now it looks like she is denying him his conjugal rights, which may not end too well. 
The actress recently took to her Instagram stories to share with her fans and followers that she would be going on a 21 day Daniel fast, and invited them to take the journey along with her. 

One of the things those going on the fast have to abstain from is all forms of sexual intimacy, as she advised. Other things to be eliminated for the next 21 days include all animal products, yeast, added sugar, refined grains, deep-fried and processed foods, solid fats, chocolate and all caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. 
LKG elaborated that she does the fast annually, at the beginning of the year. She does it for wisdom, clarity and success in the coming year, and it usually works for her. She stated that she would give a few more details on her radio show later. 

Although the reasons for her going on the journey are noble, fans seem to have had some trouble with its terms. If her responses are anything to go by, the lack of intimacy and cutting out all animal products would be particularly tough on the fans.
Lerato made fun of all those who complained about cutting out those two things, saying they were weak. For her, we gather it wouldn’t be a big deal, seeing as she has done it annually for some time now. 

But that begs the question, is her husband on board with the plan? She just got married less than two years ago, and the couple is already going three weeks without physical intimacy? Now we don’t purport to know much about marriage, so we ask, is that normal?
The media personality’s marriage has been filled with drama, even though it is still a very young union. First, the two were married before, but the marriage lasted only two months before they were reported to be getting separated. But Thami returned about a year later and proposed to her all over again and they got married. 

In addition, Thami has been accused of fraud on multiple occasions. He was first in trouble for allegedly having two identity documents with different birth years. He was also reported to have allegedly engaged in investment fraud, where he scammed the elderly of their savings and investments. 

Part of why they had issues the first time around was also because he had fathered three children before their marriage, but neglected to tell Lerato until after they were married. Yikes! 
It seems they are in a better place now, as they have been relatively drama free since they got married the second time. Perhaps they are on the fast together to manifest all their desires for the year, in which case we wish them the very best. 

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