Lerato Kganyago sets the record straight on her friendship with DJ Zinhle

Lerato claps back at a tweep

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | DJ Zinhle  | Drama

lerato Kganyago and DJ Zinhle

Amongst all the celebrity friendships, Pearl Thusi and Zinhle 'DJ Zinhle' Jiyane’s close relationship has become one of Mzansi’s favourite friendships and according to their recent Instagram posts, the duo seems to have grown even closer to media personality, Lerato Kganyago after being spotted on various occasions together.

Memes have been created on social media regarding their friendship and although it may seem sudden that the celebrity bestie duo has expanded their close friendship, these ZAlebs have seemingly been friends for longer than you might have thought.

Commenting on a post uploaded by Kganyago, a tweep questioned the legitimacy of their friendship, specifically between Kganyago and Jiyane, and the Queen of clapbacks did not bite her tongue.

Kganyago clapped back at the tweep, revealing that her and Jiyane's friendship spans over a decade as they have both been working in the same field. 

"I’ve been friends with Zinhle from 2007. Now if you made an effort to know my history you would know I met her when I start DJ’ing. But because you are a sh*t stirrer you draw your own conclusions. You are lemony" she wrote.

Speaking of celebrity friendships, rapper Rouge, media personality, Nomuzi 'Moozlie' Mabena and DJ MsCosmo are another friendship that is currently serving goals, and just to prevent speculations from ever floating around about their friendship, they too met within the entertainment industry before reaching the pinnacle of their careers.

Speaking about their friendship in a recent interview on SlilourOnLife, MsCosmo explained how she got to form a friendship with the two media personalities.

“All I remember...Nomuzi, she’s just always been nice, she’d be like: “Oh my gosh Ms Cosmo you’re so dope,” and I was like: "Why is this girl so nice?' And I was like: 'Ok cool I like her energy,' and that’s how our friendship kind of blossomed from there and of course she took it a little bit further when she joined Cash Time and then got into the Hip Hop industry, so our friendships kind of spans from back there...my relationship with Rouge obviously came through Nomuzi cause I didn’t know her directly until that collaboration [Mbongo Zaka] happened…” MsCosmo said. 

Rouge went on to add that their friendship goes beyond the limelight as it is genuine: “There’s a lot of people that talk: 'This is just for TV, this is just for music,' and it’s like: 'Guys we genuinely talk to each other, we genuinely call each other, we genuinely care about each other, it’s not even about our careers,' we really just formed an awesome friendship…” 

Rouge, Moozlie and Ms Cosmo
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