Lerato Kganyago Can't Shake "B* Lite" Title

But still, she will rise!

By  | Sep 04, 2022, 09:35 AM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama

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Lerato Kganyago has become one of the most formidable brands in the country. The certified multimillionaire television and radio personality turned businesswoman has come a long way from her SowetoTV days as a former beauty queen looking for an opportunity to prove herself as a brand.

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While she has arguably managed to do so, it has been off the back on needing to shake off some demons and comparisons. Specifically, the ongoing comparison that she receives as it is alleged that she is the “watered down” version of Bonang Matheba. A fact which has plagued her again in recent times, all thanks to the notorious Musa Khawula. 

Lerato Kganyago as Bonang Matheba’s “stand-in” 

While Lerato Kganyago might not be to blame for the constant comparisons she receives as Bonang Matheba’s stand-in, her career moves when looking at squint, works to support this narrative.  Her first major deal after leaving SowetoTV was on SABC 1’s The Link. Her first guest might have been Bonang, but some at the time felt that Matheba would have been better suited for the hosting gig rather than be the first guest. 

Kganyago would then become a presenter on Live AMP, originally LIVE! A music show which is considered to have been made the hit show it was due to Matheba. For context, Kganyago did not get the job just after Matheba left with the likes of Luthando Lootlove and Pearl Thusi coming before her. But the fact that she would take the job was enough for people. 

Lastly, it was her staying after Matheba left MetroFM after they had initially attempted to partner Kganyago with Matheba on the once successful radio hit show, The Front Row. As a timeline, it is fair to see why people added one with one and got eleven. 

Lerato Kganyago can't shake "B* Lite" title 

While in recent years, Kganyago has paved her own path. Primarily via her Flutter by LKG brand, which offers eyelashes, supporting products and sanitary pads. She has also landed deals which Matheba would not like her recent collaboration with LEVIs to release a range for jeans for more fuller and curvier women. 
But that went left when Musa Khawula targeted her. From shots taken about her apparently not owning her bespoke boutique hotel, which she was gifted by her husband for Valentine’s Day. To Kganyago suggesting that part of the reason for her recent miscarriage was the bullying she received on social media, including the cyberbullying she experienced from Khawula.  

However, you would think after Kganyago had healed from her surgery a few months earlier and her returning slowly to social media, that the past would have been forgotten. But Twitter proves again that it’s memory is long, as she was referred to again as Bonang Lite, which she responded to and went on to suggest that she might be ready to finally meet Musa Khawula in person. Or maybe this is a set for another “Musa Khawula gets beaten up by another celebrity after Moshe Ndiki.”  

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