Lerato Kganyago quickly shuts down pregnancy assumptions

Lerato's followers jumped into conclusions too quick

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Drama


After going to her regular pap smear check up and posting the process on social media, Lerato's followers got a bit too excited and jumped to the conclusion that the Metro FM DJ was pregnant.

Lerato had initially shared a video of her ultrasound scan to her Twitter followers. In the video Lerato shows a scan of her uterus, the video which she has since deleted, was followed by a lot of congratulations messages from her followers.

Lerato had to quickly correct her followers by mentioning that her uterus was empty and that she had just gone for her pap smear appointment.


Thankfully, the deleted tweet turned into a very educative discussion amongst her and her lady followers who either asked more questions about the process or encouraged each other to go for their regular check-ups.

Ladies, did you know you could get a free papsmear appointment from your nearest public clinic?

And thanks to Lerato's tweet there were more informative tweets about the process of having a pap smear.

Have you booked your pap smear appointment yet? If not, we suggest you do.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LeratoKganyago