Pretty Chooses Lehasa Over Family

Mzansi believes in Pretty's love for Lehasa

By  | Jul 19, 2022, 06:26 AM  | Lerato Marabe  | Drama

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SABC 1’s award-winning primetime soapie Skeem Sam has the South African online audience on chokehold with their storylines and is guaranteed to dominate the Twitter trends daily after each episode. One of the main reasons Mzansi is glued to Skeem Sam is because of the new fan favourite couple on our small screens, Lehasa Maphomolo and Pretty Seakamela. Matter of fact, some fans only tune into the show to watch Pretty and Lehasa.

The soapie has continues to cause many reactions and spark a lot of engagements online with other users even teasing that it should be premiering on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Pretty Seakamela who is played by starlet on the rise Lerato Marabe in the SABC 1's award-winning soapie has stolen the hearts of many people with her incredible acting chops and ability to grab the South African audience with her relatable and problematically in love storyline that goes against her family’s will.
Pretty, who was just a high school teenager a year ago found love in the warm arms of Lehasa played by media personality and one of Mzansi’s hunks  Cedric Fourie, had viewers on the edge of their seats when Lehasa confessed his love for her in front of her family a few weeks ago.
That confession left Pretty’s mom, MaNtuli seething with anger when Lehasa visited her house bearing a bouquet of flowers to apologize. He told Pretty how much he loves her and Pretty was smitten.
Although the Seakamela family has tried everything to break these two apart, and even succeeded at times, the love birds have found a way back to each other’s arms, with smitten Pretty blatantly choosing Lehasa over her family.
The Seakamela family meeting went berserk when Pretty admitted to being in love with Lehasa in last night’s episode leaving MaNtuli and the rest of the family giving her an ultimatum - either to break things off with Lehasa or leave the Seakamela household and expectedly, Pretty chose the latter.
Soon after that goosebumps-inducing scene, fans and viewers on Twitter started sharing their live reactions calling Pretty a boss lady and many if not most agreed with her decision to choose love over family.
A user named Kekana Fortune shared that she would also choose her man over family, especially if he looked anything like Lehasa, the tweet reads, “Yes pretty I can also risk it all for Lehasa shame, he has it all, a gangster, looks, muscles I mean that want turns me on #SkeemSaam
Another one named Thapelo Street also shared his takes on the scene and wrote, “Pretty choosing Lehasa over her family is definitely my brand. My woman comes first and the family can be next, nakhona uma bafuna and if bangafuni abayekele.”
Other users  highlighted MaNtuli’s hypocrisy and double standards for judging Pretty and Lehasa’s love when she went and had a baby with her friend’s man, one tweeted, “So MaNtuli is judging Pretty for loving Lehasa but she slept with her best friend's husband and had a child with him #SkeemSaam
Skeem Sam continues this heated storyline daily on SABC 1 and the plot thickens as Lehasa might be facing jail time right after being chosen by Pretty Seakamela.
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