Lerato Mvelase defends #Sengkhathele

She dislikes the assumptions people are making

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lerato Mvelase  | Drama

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Lerato Mvelase and the Seng'khathele crew have introduced to Mzansi viewers an interesting take on how to dump or walk away from a relationship that is no longer benefiting you.

For those who don't know what Seng'khathele is about, it is Mzansi Wethu's newest reality TV show which gives couples the platform to tell their significant other that they are no longer happy and want out of the relationship.

The show brings in contact couples seeking closure and allows them to unpack all the reasons that have bought them to this point of wanting to end the relationship, while doing so amicably. The reasons range from deceit, drug addiction, infidelity, financial problems, abuse, and even bedroom problems.

However, throughout Seng'khathele's last couple of episodes, viewers are of the belief that this show is scripted as there have been a number of occasions where viewers assumed that the couples that appear on the show are actors because of the way they react to being dumped and how comedic it comes across to those watching.

However, Nthabiseng and Seun's episode was no laughing matter as viewers expressed concerns over Nthabiseng's well-being as she was not only dealing with a toxic relationship but battling with a drug addiction as well.

Viewers mentioned that they hope the producers of the show are helping Nthabiseng and not only using her and others for high ratings.

Lerato came to clarify everything and assured people that people who come on the show do receive the help they need after the show airs.

She also cautioned people on making assumptions on things about the show they no nothing about.

Tribal House, the production company of the show also explained that they did offer Nthabiseng and Seun as the follow up process and that in season 2 they will work on showcasing the therapy sessions.

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