Rapper Flame Assaults Fan On Stage

Was he hacked though?

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lesego "Flame" Mnyandu  | Drama

As an upcoming artist, you would want your name trending for the right reasons in order to grow your image and following. But for Flame, that was not the case.

Just when this year was going well for the rapper who used to be a member of'The Wrecking Crew' (until he had a fall out with A Reece) this Sunday things took a sour turn for him.

Rapper Flame (whose real name Lesego Kyle Mnyandu) might have lost a handful of supporters when a video of him assaulting a fan during his performance went viral. What made people fume with rage is his lack of remorse when he swore at supporters on his Twitter after calling him out on his behavior.

Although the award-winning rapper was excused for his behavior by some, many feel he could have handled the situation more professionally.

It is alleged that the man who was slapped, threw/poured alcohol on him during his performance and that is when Flame lost his temper.

After disappointed fans called the rapper out, he impolitely said he does not need anyone's support, he made himself.

And just when fans were ready to cancel the rapper, he released a video claiming that he was hacked...

Celebrities weighed in on this incident, with some such as AKA, making a joke out of it. AKA recalled a similar  incident when he also lost his temper during a performance and hit a 'disrespectful fan'. There was also an incident where he threw a fans phone away for trying to take a video.

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