Gospel singer won’t support penniless baby mama

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Lesego Maphanga  | Drama

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Mathapelo Rantsho says she is struggling to take care of the child. Apparently Lesego is not giving the unemployed mother of his child any support.

Rantsho claims she is in dire financial strains as she struggles to afford bare necessities like diapers, clothes, and food for the child, so much so that she approached the Daily Sun, which she has reportedly “begged” for help.

“I’ve been trying to get Lesego to do what he has to do but he’s hell-bent on not doing anything,” Rantsho told the newspaper.

“Worst of all, his mum, Pini, has told me in many occasions that Lesego owes me nothing.

“He moved in with me after we fell in love. It was a luxury for him to sleep on a bed as he was used to sleeping under the table at his mum’s three-roomed house in Klerksdorp, North West.

“Now he’s neglecting his child and I’m suffering on my own. The last time he saw his child was when he was still crawling and doesn’t even bother to check him. I can’t even afford to take him to the doctor when he’s sick.”

Pini, however, sings quite a different tune. According to her, Rantsho is nothing but a gold-digging liar.

“Lesego gave her R3 000 when the baby was born and we’re taking good care of the child,” she said when approached for comment.

“Mathapelo is evil and I can tell you right now that the baby is well-looked after. That woman is using the kid to make money. We love the baby and whenever I buy groceries (with my pensioner’s grant), I give her half thereof. Mathapelo is crazy and she’s an opportunist.

“Did you ask her why all her men had dumped her? It’s because she likes money and the reason she’s coming to you to ask for help is that she wants to drag Lesego’s name through the mud.”

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