Letoya And Bae Drag A Troll For Suggesting A Heartbreak Lead Her To Being A Lesbian

She also hinted that she might return to our screens pretty soon.

By  | May 08, 2020, 01:41 PM  | Letoya Makhene  | Drama

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Letoya Makhene is not here for the trolls and has clapped back hard at people who assume that her recent sexual preference is due to her heartbreak from her previous relationship.

Ever since coming out and introducing her lesbian lover, Lebo Keswa, they have been battling trolls who attempt to bring them down.

Without fail, the couple has been doing that gracefully and are never tired, instead they also focus on each other and their love.

Her lover surprised her with a stunning bouquet of flowers to celebrate her first day back on set. She did not reveal what she is shooting and kept that piece of information hush hush.

"I’m the luckiest girl in the WORLD!!! After a restless night’s rest because of anxiety over my first day on the set of.........hehehe.......not telling!!!
I walk into my dressing room to find these!

"Baby THANK YOU! I love you with every beat of my heart. You leave me breathless every single day. @lebokeswa I guess it’s true when they say “3rd time lucky," she gushed on her post.

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Of course with every sweet post, there are trolls lurking attempting to burst their bubble, but the couple did not take any of the insults lying down.

A follower assumed that her reason for being in a relationship with a woman, was due to her failed marriage from her ex husband.

She clapped back savagely by saying: "In case you haven’t noticed, Lebo and I have single-handedly shut down ignorant fools like yourself. Yes. I’ve had kids from two different men and now I’m with a woman … Who’s the boss? You assume that it’s hurt that’s got me here? No honey, it’s boss lady tendencies that have got me to right where I should be. I’m happy … are you? You need to check yourself, fool."

Her lover, Lebo, responded by saying she is grateful for that man who 'broke her heart.'

Lebo also told her bae to not pay any attention to the trolls. She replied; "My love why do you even bother to answer ghosts. As I always say to you misery loves company. I love you and the kids unconditionally … let him go and eat cake for all I care"

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