Liesl Laurie Drags Dumisani Dlamini

He is alleged to be a dead beat father

By  | Apr 06, 2022, 05:42 PM  | Liesl Laurie  | Drama

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When Dumisani Dlamini congratulated his daughter Doja Cat for her Grammy win at the 64th Grammy Awards, he got dragged by multitudes of people. Mainly because Doja had repeatedly opened up about how her relationship with her dad is close to non-existent.

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Doja and her fellow industry mate SZA took home a Grammy for their collaboration Kiss Me More, which won them the Best Pop Duo Performance.

Liesl Laurie, also joined fans in bashing Dumisani Dlamini and said his actions are almost like her fathers. Yesterday, the former The Wife actor, Dumisani thanked people for supporting his daughter on Instagram. The comments got so bad that he deleted his post.

Liesl Laurie said, “This reminds me of my dad when I won Miss SA! What. A. Damn. Mess! Wow!”

He might have deleted the post, but there is one of Doja on his IG.

Like Doja, Liesl also never had a relationship with her father. According to The South African, Liesl was raised by her grandmother because her mother was struggling with substance abuse.

Liesl told Daily Sun, “I sometimes felt embarrassed by my moms drug habits, but she overcame it and I am proud of her.”

Dumisani denied not being in his daughter's life in an interview with Mo Flava on Metro FM, he said, "I have been looking for my daughter as well. You mustn't forget these Americans. Americans will always want to have something to cause a stir, so that she stays in the media and is talked about around the world," he said.

"I have tried to search for my baby and the company that runs her entertainment has been blocking me. They know that if I could get hold of her, maybe she will disappear from the picture ... I know my daughter, wherever she is, is looking for me."

"I am close to my kids, all of them. I love them and they love me," he concluded.

But Doja contradicted his statements when he spoke about her father in an interview on Radio One DC interview, “I have never met him, and he’s on Instagram. And he comments on my pictures sometimes, maybe not anymore, but he did a few months ago. He’s an incredible dancer and great actor, but yeah, I don’t know him very well.”

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