Dumisani Dlamini On Failed Attempts To Reach Out To His Daughter Rapper Doja Cat

The two have never met!

By  | Apr 24, 2020, 12:29 PM  | Relationships

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Veteran actor Dumisani Dlamini has opened up about trying to get in touch with his daughter American rapper Doja Cat.

Speaking to Mo Flava on Metro FM, he told his about his efforts to try and get to his daughter however her management restricted him from doing so.

"I have been looking for my daughter as well. You mustn't forget these Americans. Americans will always want to have something to cause a stir, so that she stays in the media and is talked about around the world," he said.

Hopeful that his daughter is putting in the same efforts as he is to get into contact with each other, he also slammed her management company for restricting that from  happening.

" I have tried to search for my baby and the company that runs her entertainment has been blocking me. They know that if I could get hold of her, maybe she will disappear from the picture ... I know my daughter, wherever she is, is looking for me."

The actor however suggests that his daughter's claims to Whoopi are a made up thing as they have been in contact. He also said he loves his children just as much as they love him.

"I am close to my kids, all of them. I love them and they love me," he

A video went viral where Doja can be seen talking to Whoopi Goldberg where she talks about her absent father, saying she has never met him.

In the video, Doja told Whoopi that her father played alongside her in the 1992 hit film Sarafina!

Whoopi was left astonished and she then nodded in slight sorrow when the rapper told her that she has never met the actor, but Whoopi did. The rapper showed great honor to meet Whoopi who was in the same film as he.

Whoopi then paid a compliment and said the actor was "a good man”.

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