Greed & Desire’s Sharon D needs more awards

Sharon D is not your typical on-screen mom and we love it.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Linda Sebezo  | Drama

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Sharon D

We’ve seen a number of crazy on-screen mothers out there, but none as entertaining as Greed & Desire actress Sharon D, played by actress Linda Sebezo.

Sharon D's questionable acts as a mom on the show have gained her a lot of popularity among viewers.

Despite the fact that she her chances of winning the "mother of the year" award being very low, some viewers would actually do anything to have their mom have Sharon D's pizzazz and humour. 

Our poor moms, now they have to live up to Sharon D's standards - imagine! But it's all love.

Sharon D, just like iGazi's Nomarrusia, has caught our attention with not only her evil ways but her acting as well. 

Like when she told her daughter how much of a hit she was with men back in her day.

Oh, and remember when she said she had a black belt in Kasi-ass kicking vibes?


Don't get us started on that time she opened a bottle of beer with her mouth - that's when all of her craziness comes out.

Sharon D

No wonder she won a SAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in a TV comedy - the woman is hilarious. We're still surprised that this is her first award ever.

Linda Sebezo deserves more than just one award, she's serving us life by bringing the character of Sharon D to life.

There's no doubt that she's part of the reason why Greed and Desire is such a succesful show.

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