Lorcia Cooper has lost jobs because of her following

She was told that her following was not ideal.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Lorcia Kumalo  | Drama

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Getting a job in the entertainment industry is difficult, it's even more frustrating when you know that you have the talent but constantly get reminded that your social media following isn't enough for you to get the job.

Lorcia Cooper is currently impressing a lot of people when it comes to her role on Mzansi Magic's new drama series, Lockdown. The actress, who shot to fame on etv's Backstage years ago, plays the role of "Tyson" in the new prison drama. 

The response to the show has been amazing and Lorcia has received overwhelming love from the audience. After the show premiered, she took to Instagram to thank everyone for their support. 

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She wrote: "Being typecast my whole acting career and being turned down for work because I didn't look 'raw' enough or 'coloured' enough to play the part at times left me doubting my ability, all people saw was a coloured girl with straight hair."  

She said playing "Tyson" was the most liberating role of her career. Although she finally got this great role, the actress has explained that she has lost work because of her following. 

Speaking on Trending SA recently, she said: "Our industry has gotten into this thing where everything is superficial, and 'let's book you 'cause you have a following. I've lost jobs because my following was less than someone else's." 

She explained that they'll tell you that your following is not good enough. "And you're like 'but I have skill'. Skill should always be more important than your following. 

"Some of us don't wanna post bikini shots because we have a nine-year-old daughter we want to have, be a role model for," Lorcia said on the show.  

This is a big debate in the country and last year we saw many people complaining about seeing the same faces on television. The debate even sparked the #OpenUpTheIndustry hashtag, where several people voiced out their thoughts.

Even celebs reacted, with some explaining that they also had to work hard to get to where they are.

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