Loyiso Gola slams Vodacom on Twitter

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Loyiso Gola  | Drama

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Comedian Loyiso Gola has vented his anger with telephone company Vodacom in a no-holds-barred Twitter rant.

Having seemingly reached the end of his tether with the company, Gola on Tuesday kicked off his seething session when he tweeted: "Actually f**k you @vodacom"

He then went on to explain the source of his irritation, lamenting the fact that he is expected to pay R7000 for a new iPhone despite a monthly insurance payment, before posting an expletive hashtag that sums up his initial sentiment.

And the Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola presenter didn't stop there. He followed this up with a tweet that reads: "VODACOM IS A RIPOFF #Ihatevodacom"

Vodacom eventually reached out to Gola in an effort to solve his problem, but he was left unimpressed.

"Hi Loyiso, please DM us your contact number and we'll get in touch to sort this out asap," Vodacom tweeted.

Only to receive a very direct "F**k you" from their angry celebrity customer.

Known for his satirical criticism of local government on his emmy-nominated eNCA show, Gola then decided to gather some online troops with thís characteristic tweet: "We always talk government corruption , let's talk @Vodacom 's corporate corruption. #ihatevodacom"

"#ihatevodacom RT IF THEY HAVE RIPPED YOU OFF TOO," he continued.

Later adding: "I hate vodacom's slow ass internet"

Clearly on a roll, the comedian also had a go at Momentum for taking three weeks to send him a medical aid card, before refocusing his attention on the cellphone provider, ending his rant by tweeting: "R12800 for an iPhone 5s @Vodacom has lost the plot"

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