Lunga Shabalala on his father not approving of the entertainment industry

Lunga opens up 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Lunga Shabalala  | Drama

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Lunga Shabalala

We've heard many celebrities share their stories about being broke in showbiz and for Lunga Shabalala's father, his knowledge about the industry has had him advising against his pursuit.

In a recent interview on Afternoon Express, Lunga shared that he had to go against his fathers will by finding ways to fund his dream of becoming a television personality.

"For my father, it's very simple, it's his house, it's his rules, if you want to live your life and set your own course, then do it at your own place, so even after I wanted to get into TV, he said: "Go do it with your own money, so you can go". he said.

Although the rest of his family supports his success, his father still doesn't want his son in the entertainment industry.

"The best thing that he's ever done for me was to buy me that bus ticket, and that was that. Till today though, I'm not sure how he feels about me being in entertainment, because he said that there's no money in it."

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