Mabusi Spills On Laconco And Makhumalo's Beef

She's got all the tea!

By  | Mar 05, 2022, 10:14 AM  | Drama

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The animosity between the RHODurban stars Laconco and Makhumalo Mseleku has got fans talking. Another cast member Mabusi Seme recently spilled the tea on this beef.
Even though many fans believe that the show is scripted, Mabusi has revealed that the emotions and everything that viewers get to see on the sure is real. She told Daily Sun that there is more to Makhumalo and Laconco's beef.

She said something happened between them way before the show and she has decided to step back and not take sides.

"Unfortunately it is not my place to divulge such information," she told the publication also adding that she does not want to judge Makhumlo based on what Laconco said about her.

She said she has advised Laconco to make peace with Makhumalo. She added, " This show is real and nothing is scripted. We cannot even fake emotions because we do not know each other. We are not friends. The fight, parties, laughs are all real."

However, other cast members have made it clear that it is just a show. Jojo recently shared on her IG stories that what viewers see on TV, is not real. She said they all love and get along with each other. Read More: RHODurban Star Jojo Robinson Is Mourning 

Nonku has also warned viewers to not judge her based on what they see on the show. "The 20% of my life that people see on screens think entitles them to make judgments and conclusions about my life is beyond me and their level of reasoning. I can only conclude this by saying it’s a reflection of who they are and how they perceive themselves," she wrote on Instagram.

Meanwhile. Makhumalo has also addressed Laconco's hatred towards her. She told Daily Sun that Laconco's hatred has something to do with her past.

"Her hatred toward me has nothing to do with MaYeni and everything to do with her past. She needs to heal. I guess she is saying all these things to heal from her past relationship...I've become a painful reminder of her failed relationship," Makhumalo told the publication.

According to Laconco, Makhumalo gave her a cold shoulder when she met her for the second time. She explained, "I am friends with MaYeni. When I arrived at the Mseleku household she welcomed us, she was very bubbly. I was still working at Vuma FM she came for an interview. She was very cold, it was as if I was not in the same room, gosh, I was shocked because not so long ago. I saw her at the wedding and I wondered if she's the type that is only friendly when there are people around. So it means she was not genuine."
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