"Before You Start Talking To Me Look At Yourself" Inno Morolong

The reality TV star lashes out at Makhadzi following their feud

By  | Jul 21, 2022, 09:15 AM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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Singer Makhadzi and reality TV star Inno Morolong 's feud continues to escalate. The two are at loggerheads following Makhadzi body shaming remarks directed at Inno.

The two exchanged some heated DM's where Makhadzi body shamed. The Ghanama hitmaker accused Inno of being jealous and said she is hungry. Addressing the claims Makhadzi hurled insults at Inno and she did not mince her words.

Makhadzi said she doesn't go under the knife to attract people and get money. She hit back at Inno during a live on Instagram with her friend Zanda Zakuza

"We don't do lipos to get money and attract people. We perform and if that is not for you, continue but do not disturb our peace." Zanda added that Inno should also do something or maybe try Deejaying since everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Makhadzi said "just walk in the streets naked."

The singer set the records straight on claims that she owes Inno money.She then advised that should an incident like that happen, tag the person who you booked Makhadzi through and not her.

"Please understand this. I don't take people's money. A company takes all the booking on my behalf. They don't pay me for work I didn't do ... all the money in my account, I worked for it. I have been promoting my UK and Canada Tours for months, all of a sudden there is a show I was 'supposed' to be at that I didn't even know about and I am dragged.

“Reporters should also verify and understand these documents they're sent. I understand it will make news with the name Makhadzi but I do not swindle people's money. Every cent I have or spend I worked and sweat for it. Let's not disrespect each other,” said Makhadzi.

Inno has hit back at Makhadzi saying she is a ghetto artist and she doesn't make club music but she makes tavern music. The influencer has addressed their beef and claimed Makadzi's team accused her of being paid to tarnish Makhadzi's brand.

"You are an adult, as an adult, you are supposed to have a house. She was saying she has talent and she is doing so much batter. Babes I don't know you. I don't follow you and I don't care about you. Before you start talking to me, look at yourself , take a mirror, look at yourself and say I am fighting with Inno?

"You are busy talking about people with lipo, honey you need a lipo. Even the other DJ you had songs with is probably using you."

Makhadzi defended herself and said her life is indeed a movie because of her fans' support.

"My life is a movie because of people's support, they buy my music, those promoters who book me every weekend. And for those who book me and I don't pitch, obviously, I do not plan on not coming it means something happened and we refund them."

"Stop dimming my light, I still want to shine I am working hard," said Makhadzi.

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