"Monada Used To Treat Me Like A Dog"

Makhadzi and King Monada are at war

By  | Jun 30, 2021, 08:58 AM  | Makhadzi  | Drama

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It's war between musicians Makhadzi and King Monada after a video of their new song Ghanama went viral.

The Limpopo artists are currently not seeing eye to eye over ownership of the song. Is it Makhadzi ft King Monada and Prince Benza, OR is it King Monada ft Makhadzi and Prince Benza? That is the question right now.

According to the Matorokisi hit-maker, the song is hers. She claims that she came to King Monada with the song and Prince Benza, who made the beat, was brought to the fore by her to make a beat for her.

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In a Facebook post, Makhadzi explained her side of the story: "GHANAMA SONG IS MY SONG, MY CONCEPT and MELODIES, Featuring King Monada and PRINCE BENZA ON THE BEATS.. I did a song after recording monadas song called impossible.

"Our king must just drop his song called impossible ft makhadzi.. 'cause we can't let greediness make us fight! How can you own a song without doing anything?

"Our king must do the right thing 'cause I won't allow him to own my work ...no matter the love and respect I have towards him...You all decided to idibala and I like it .. lol like you did when you hakamatorokisi on a piano [gqom] song hamba ngolayini.. we cannot control you guys what to do on a song! You are our bosses we do music for you and we love you all. King must just swallow his pride and give me credit for my work."
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Upon seeing Makhadzi's rant, Monada decided to go on Facebook Live to address the matter. The Wa Ngobatxa hit-maker claims that the agreement was that the song was both theirs featuring Prince Benza.

He explained that, when they recorded the song, Makhadzi was making up for the countless times she let him down by not adding her verse on a song he had sent to her. He further explained that after Makhadzi left, she was influenced to take the song as her own by "the powers that be" - he claims she told him this via phonecall and text. Monada added that the same people in Makhadzi's ear have been bribing his employees to send them the song as it is currently in his possession and is a product of King Monada Music, his record label. He added that the song was recorded in his studio and therefore he will release it as and when he wants to because there are people who don't want his company to own the song.
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In response to this, Makhadzi also took the fight to Facebook live. In an 11-minute-long video, she explains her relationship with King Monada. Makhadzi took fans back to other music that she has worked on with King Monada. Explaining their relationship then, she accused Monada of taking all the credit for all her hard work back then because she was still coming up in the music industry and she needed the exposure.

The Murahu hit-maker claims that Monada used to treat her like a dog, but she will not allow for that to happen now. She further told him that if he wants to release Ghanama he should remove her voice and the beat. According to Makhadzi, the agreement was that each of them take a song each. Monada was to own Impossible, and she, Ghanama.

"All the time when I get into the studio with Monada, I come up with the idea of the song. I come up with the melody of the song and what Monada does is come up with the verse after what I have done. At that time I did not have a voice or the power to talk about it because people would say I am bitter, but it was not sitting well with me.

"Even the recording sessions were bad, Monada used to treat me like a dog. I used to skip exams because of him. He would say "wait, we will record tomorrow" and just because I knew what I wanted in this game, I was patient,"
she explained.

The full video is below.
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