Mandla Mandela Reveals ALL!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Mandla Mandela  | Drama

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Mandla Mandela is one person who has been steadily gaining more and more media spotlight. His comments have come across passionate, mildly controversial, and at times ill timed. And today he is back in the scope of camera lenses around the country, and he's not holding back!

In a full, 45 minute long press conference, Mandla responded to claims made by his brother, Ndaba, that he had been born out of wedlock. Not keen to have his reputation tarnished, Mandla defended both his circumstances of birth, as well as his mother. He said: 

"He should be very careful when he wants to throw insults, particularly to my mother, who still sits by my side, nurtures [me], and ensures I can wake up every day to serve my community."

He didn't stop there though and he launched a full scale, scathing attack on his brother: 
"I want to remind him that I do not hand out our dirty linen as a family in public. He knows very well that my father impregnated a married woman... he is a result of that act.
I can't help but feel that there is a touch of Julius to Mandla Mandela whenever he addresses the press. Hopefully somebody can have a quiet word with him in the near future. The full press conference can be seen below. 


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