3 suggestions for Mandoza and his English

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Mandoza  | Drama

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Shame guys, what did Mandoza ever do to us? All the guy ever wanted to do was make music that we could all enjoy and dance to, and you know what, for a while he was succeeding. Then he kind of fell of, and as a result of having to try and make a comeback, he's had to do a lot of publicity related interviews and features. Which, unfortunately for him, means that he needs to do a lot of speaking, which is not his strong point (Well, speaking in English at least) 

Case in point; this morning, the Nkalakatha hitmaker was on Metro FM for an interview and he's now trending on Twitter. Is he trending because he dropped a big announcement or revealed something epic? No. It's because of his English. Just look at some of the tweets that are being bandied about: 

We can't help ourselves, Mandoza, please can we give you 3 tips to try and avoid being lambasted like this in the future? Have a look below at the 3 things we think Mandoza can do to ease the shade that is thrown at him when he speaks in English. 

1. Do more interviews in 'vernec' 

Let's face it, EVERYBODY speaks English these days; but that doesn't mean that there aren't any platforms where speaking in majority native language will fly. Instead of interviewing for Metro FM, why doesn't Mandoza's publicity team target stations like Ukhozi FM and Thobela FM? He will be comfortable, he can speak in Vernacular and most importantly, there is still a LARGE audience on both stations. 

2. Get onto social networks and capitalize on that popularity 

There's nothing we love more than someone who knows how to laugh at himself. Imagine if Mandoza was active on Twitter and shared some of the funniest memes and laughed at his own pain, how proper would that be? We think Mandoza could really give his reputation a massive boost if he capitlised on the amount of people who talk about him everytime he talks. 

3. Take a year off 

Not a year off completely... but think about it like this. We've seen stars take time to work on themselves many times before; sometimes they'll disappear and come back having lost weight or with a makeover. This could be an opportunity for Mandoza to do the same. He could take a year off, improve his English and maintain his publicity in the mean time through written interviews and articles. In a year's time, he could return with a hit single, a fresh voice and most importantly an attitude to shut the haters up. It could work! 

Realistically, we know better than to judge someone based on their English speaking ability. Mandoza's got the character to deflect all of the jokes and negative attention in any case, but these three tips above could make a massive difference and help him boost his career to another level. 

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