Tweeps At War Over Buns Out Bad Review

Black Twitter thought she was just a hater...

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Maps Maponyane  | Drama

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Buns Out has been getting rave reviews from it's customers...

From celebs like Boity, Kabelo Mabalane and J'Something to the ordinary Joe, Maps Maponyane's spot is the place to be for the juiciest burgers in town!

But not everyone thinks so...

One female tweep, by the name of Fifi, came out to criticise the newest fast-food restaurant on the block. Whilst she gave her honest opinion, half of Black Twitter didn't like what she had to say.

Fifi tweeted, "Yall really hyped Buns Out, I didn’t enjoy the food, the burger we had, had a dry patty, too much stuff (ingredients) going on & you couldn’t taste the flavours.... I didn’t enjoy."

Ever the gentleman, Maps responded to the tweet with a very professional response,

But a hoard of fans had no time for pleasantries and skipped straight to calling the Fifi a 'hater' for sharing her bad experience on social media and not privately.

The attack spurred a retaliation from the other half of Black Twitter who defended Fifi's right to share her honest opinion on social media:

Have you tried out Buns Out? And if so, what is your honest opinion?

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