Is Master KG Irrelevant Without The Giveaways?

Turns out Mzansi doesn't even rate him

By  | Nov 26, 2021, 12:10 PM  | Master KG  | Drama

Image of Master KG
There was a time Master KG was one of the most popular ZAlebs online, but now tweeps start to think that he has to buy engagement for his posts to be hot. 

The Jerusalema crooner used to regularly give money to his fans and followers through social media giveaways. He did a big one to celebrate his Twitter verification, giving R500 each to eight followers. Another time, he gave away R1000 for fans who told him what they liked the most about him. Obviously, it was all a way to have some fun with followers and engage. 
It has now been a while since he did one of his giveaways, and his engagement has gone down significantly. And tweeps are starting to wonder whether free money is the only reason people followed him and engaged with his content online. 

As one tweep pointed out, his account now has the same level of engagement as that of a small account by some random unknown person, and more tweeps are agreeing. 

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The tweep’s attention was probably caught by one of the singer’s recent tweets in which he responded to a fan that asked him to release his new song with Simmy. As of the writing of this article, the tweet had only received 9 responses and less than 100 comments. 

But realistically speaking, we cannot measure fame and relevance based only on social media engagement. Plus, the singer still gets a lot of engagement from his other social media platforms, and Twitter alone cannot paint the full picture.

Additionally, internet fame does not always equal real world fame. And there is no doubt which of the two makes a bigger impact. Master KG certainly has the latter. 

He was recently on tour in Angola, where he got a king’s welcome. He definitely still has a lot of influence, and we know he did not have to give away free money for all these fans to attend his concert. 
It is unfortunate that his influence is being reduced to just that. He did the giveaways as a kind gesture, and now it is being turned into something negative, and being painted as the only reason that people like him. 

Master KG is very widely rated, despite all the drama that has surrounded his global hit song Jerusalema. The fact that he still gets called to different countries for one song that was released over a year ago should be proof enough that he has that “it” factor that cannot be bought by a R1000 gift to a random stranger online. 

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