Mona On What Co-parenting Taught Her

She and her husband divorced but are great co-parents

By  | Dec 06, 2022, 10:21 AM  | Tiisetso Mona Monyane  | Drama

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TV actress Mona Monyane has shared her lessons learned as a co-parent. She and Khulu Skenjana are divorced but Admits he is a good co-parent. 
It takes a whole lot of maturing when it comes to Co parenting because the children's needs take Centre stage. For Mona, she had listed a few lessons she learned and it centers around providing for the child. 
For starters, Mona says one should be a "peacemaker, not the aggressor" adding that it would not guarantee that the other parent is willing to do so, but for the interest of the child, do it anyway. 
Secondly, Mona says children should never be put in a position where they should now chose between the two of you
"Remember that your child has an independent relationship with both of you, don't make them choose between the two of you. (A relationship can fail but a parent is forever)" she says. 
Next up parents should always "Choose what's best for the child" because "If your child loves you both, do your best to both be in their lives." 
Mona then advises mothers to not fight in their own capacities, instead they should get lawyers. 
In fifth place is one that many might fail to do and that is to walk away from conflict. Mona says nothing good ever comes from fighting. 
"No good comes from attacking the parent of your child because of your own issues with them," she states. 
Mina then adds that parents should "Heal your own pain so you don't function from EGO." this is to guarantee maturity and that parents are able to heal.
"Heal so you can also work from a place of objectivity and maturity when dealing with the other parent." 
Next up, Mona advises to not involve the child in whatever drama there might be with the other parent. 
"Don't make your drama with your co-parent your child's problem
(Our children are not here to inherit our pain and negativity, get your act together for their sake!)" 
Lastly, Mona advises mothers to pray and place all their problems on God. Mona states that there is nothing she would never do for her dauggterm
"As a mother who grew up without her dad, I made a choice that no matter what happens, my daughter will never have to suffer me trying to keep her from hers. I choose love and light above all the darkness
Even when it takes every ounce of my strength to do so. Because there is NOTHING I wouldn't do for my princess."
Mona recently remembered her late daughter Amani-Amaza Wamazulu who died 7 days after birth. Mona penned a sweet message to her daughter, saying she would never forget her, ever. 
"You would be so proud of your Mama. I remember everything you taught me. I use my pain to heal. I've embraced who I AM. I walk in my purpose. My Spirit is awake. I wish you had stayed. But I understand why you left. Although my heart is still broken/ Today I choose to remember this moment. How proud I was to be the mother of 2. Phenomenal Queens," she wrote in part. 
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