Mbali Nkosi talks business and future ventures

Mbali Nkosi is on the industry takeover 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mbali Nkosi  | Drama

Mbali Nkosi

We were first introduced to Mbali Nkosi when she first made her debut on Big Brother Africa, and after later building a brand for herself after gaining a fan base through the TV show, she has since ventured into different platforms of entertainment and is now branching out into the business industry.

Earlier this year, Mbali Nkosi launched a beauty bar as a co-founder alongside Thembi Seete and Sharon Kuzwayo, an unexpected move from the two personalities and their close friend.

This unexpected collaboration between Thembi Seete and Mbali Nkosi highlighted their close relationship which spans as far back when Nkosi was still a backup dancer for Seete back in the day. Seete had seemingly passed the drive time host baton to her industry sister Nkosi who took over The Thembi Taker Over on MassivMetro that was later dubbed as The Shutdown.

When Nkosi is not hosting her radio show, the media personality takes strides in the business world and says that she is looking to venture into more projects behind the scenes.

"There are times when I feel I should do just that, but I’m happy there...It’s like growing a child, I like that, literally you need to be there because people don’t do exactly what you want them to do...people don’t give what you give, so it’s good to be there every day,  I’m there every day before the radio show before the radio show and after the radio show I go back…” she said, speaking to ZAlebs.

Speaking on her career and future ventures, Nkosi said that she was looking forward to her new 'baby's' next step and is looking forward to furthering her career in her other passions.

“Azuri is on its six months I’m super excited...which is amazing cause a lot of companies go down after five months. We’re launching our cosmetics in the next two weeks, so I’m excited about that...I’m looking forward to our seventh month, which will be October, 'cause every month we learn something new...that’s the biggest thing right now...that’s my baby…”

If you’re a true fan of the media personality, you’d know that she has great culinary skills, and just as the people around her have been urging her to monetize yet another talent she has acquired, Mbali Nkosi says that she would like to venture into that space as she continues to grow her brand.

“I want to..I do...a lot of people said I should, but I don't know how..I have to decide the how...but not as a chef, not as a restauranteur, we’ll see...we’ll see…"

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