Karabo Mothibi's Open Letter to Minnie Dlamini

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Drama

Below is the full transcript of Karabo Mothibi's open letter to Minnie Dlamini. 

Written by Karabo Mothibi (@KaraboNYC)



Dear Minnie Dlamini 

I trust you are well. 

After much hesitation, but with a lot of consideration, I have decided to write you this open letter. Do not take anything written here as a personal attack on your overall character. I do not know you in a personal capacity; therefore all views expressed here onwards are solely based on you as a bad Television Presenter, bad MC Host, badRadio Presenter, and a baaaaaad "ACTRESS". 

I will first revert to two incidents from throughout the years. 

Well you were FIRST introduced to us as a LIVE presenter now (LIVE AMP),this came as a great shock to me as I had already seen you as a "Spirit sundae" Presenter,now why did Live or Sabc1 go for a person that had already had experience in Television Presenting?,when they kept on stressing that they're looking and searching for UNEARTHED TALENT????,when minnie lacked either of those? She was not unearthed as she had already had experience with Spirit Sundae,and had no TALENT? 

A Fan called in when you were still presenting live,and they said something about you moving your hands UP & DOWN when you Present,YOU said you have no business explaining yourself to RANDOMS (Laughing).......,MEOW!!! Catty much? I frankly found it so unnecessary and just downright RUDE! Exactly which part about her question made you feel disrespected? So she didn't know that harmless question would hurt you,BIG DEAL,laugh it off, and keep it moving. 

There is no need to exasperate the situation and make it out to be something it is not. It just made you look like a mean,bad unprofessional presenter. 

I have noticed you have a tendency of making your twitter followers look small. I guess with time you have learned to conceal it so well, that even YOU miss it. 

Oh and at the time of your MOTIONS commercial being flighted/Televised on television I tweeted something about "bonang matheba being the perfect fit for that gig,as we know her hair game is always on point,so is minnie's hair though" you instantly UNFOLLOWED me. @KaraboNYC remember me?!??!!! 

And on saturday,the 14th of June,on the day of the Sabc Sport Presenter search,a 'Follower/Fan I guess,tweeted you saying they just saw you at sabc passing by with your BMW X5,then you lashed out saying" IT IS NOT AN X5,IT IS AN X6!!!!!,GET IT RIGHT,BUT THANK YOU ANYWAY NANA",Now obviously they did not notice that it is an X6,you were most definitely out of LINE, 

And to top it all off you had the audacity to RETWEET the tweet,instead of politely REPLYING to it. 

Time and time again I have observed this as a common character of yours, which you bring with you to twitter,and Soccer zone as you're again the twitter girl of Soccerzone, You put people in check and bring orderliness. It is like you are the disciplinarian of the Soccerzone and Twitter. You did it with your former co-hosts Bonang,Sizwe,adil,Phila and now Thomas aswell aswell as the twitter followers of those shows, Well it is distasteful. It makes Viewers like me very uncomfortable. The platform you have is not for that. I understand if someone is being rude to you or openly disrespectful. Even then, there are ways to handle it, without you losing your cool,your tone is often drips of sarcacism, arrogance, bitchyness and impudence) adding that to your annoying voice!. You cannot run the show like you are running Khune's life. The Viewers are your bosses. Our tax money pays and maintains much of the SABC and we also pay to also watch your horrible acting on dstv (Rockville and The Wild). And just because you read our tweets doesn’t make you our superior. You must understand you will get all types of callers/Tweets and yes some will get on your last nerve but how you handle them is important on how your viewers view YOU,this is a bit you can do to make up for your distasteful,horrible,Annoying Acting and Presenting,stay humble!

My next two gripes with you, if not the worst,is actually within the DSTV and SABC,you just seem to be stumbling jobs just nje,I don't even think you audition,like the rest of us,I actually think you are a disgrace to this industry,you're an insult to people who actually enrolled to varsities to study so that they can perfect their crafts of Acting,Presenting,And Radio Presenting,I did not like your presenting when I first saw you, that was actually 5years AGO,you're still aren't GOOD at what you DO,you were really baaaad at the Wild,Everyone could obviously see you could not ACT,you were struggling,yet you still obtained a job AGAIN on Mzansi Magic's the Rockville *SIGH*.....,now the question is HOW are you getting all these jobs minnie???....Care enough to give me this muthi you're using???,why is SABC and DSTV recycling you OVER AND OVER AND OVER again,well I that's what they have been doing all these years,recycling artists that are established,but what differs from you and them is,they're good at what they do!!! 

You are loud,you constantly STILL do move your hands up and down,5years later, I can only imagine what a nightmare a dinner party with you must be, if your interaction with your colleagues is anything to go by. You cut people off!!! All the TIME,you used to cut bonang at live during Links,Phila etc,and now you're doing it to poor thomas,and you actually did it repeatedly when you were hosting the GSA.......,Has no one told you that? Anyone? Someone? I really don't know why you do this  or you just simply like the sound of your own loud annoying voice,I think I would actually be a millionaire if not a billionaire right now had I be getting R10 for every mistake you do on live and PRE RECORDED television, Either way it’s aggravating and rude. On many occasions you have given inaccurate information or your knowledge on whatever Soccer related topic being discussed was slightly skewed. And it took one comment (when you did finally pause) from Thomas or andile to correct you. You are not a one man show. I understand you won’t always be right,although more times than not you think you ARE!!! give others a chance to talk, you could learn something without putting your ignorance for the world to see. Learn to breath. Pause. Talk,And Just maybe you might be a Good presenter,as I have already given up on seeing you give a GOOD acting performance,when you have been given soooooo many platforms to do so,very sad cause,this industry JUST won't give the TALENTED underdogs a CHANCE. 

I am bringing up thesse facts and points as I personally think it is unfair,that the talentless,arrogant,egocentric,un-appreciating are always been constantly given jobs,while they're millions of talented artists that are worthy of the same opportunities are being over-looked? 

Soccerzone and Rockville, I love yall's demeanor and I appreciate your street savyness on the storytelling front,your thought provoking story line and fortitude. You guys do a phenomenal job,I would never take that away from you.

I trust I have been frank enough with my deliverance of these issues. And I am aware this is currently an isolated opinion. I hope you do not label it as another "Random" hating on a Celebrity but rather you take it as constructive criticism. 


A Regular Mzansi Magic and Sabc1 Viewer. 

Karabo Mothibi

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