Mome Mahlangu on ending longtime friendships because of work & family

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By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Mome Mahlangu  | Drama

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Mome Nale Mahlangu

Mome's long-standing relationship with Tol A$$ Mo has been one of the celebrity relationships that has led many fans to believe that celebrity couples can not only stand the test of time but also the pressures of the limelight.

Reflecting on the impact that her life as a married woman and a woman with 'three children' had changed her life and the role around her, she took to her Instagram speaking on the change it had brought upon her life.

"Lord the closer I get to 35 years of my life and having my 3rd child, the more I try to understand every little thing in my life, literally everything ... I would sit and ask myself questions like ' why am I friends with that person? Why does that person call me FAM but they have never been to my house or my family gatherings? Then I decided to text a friend who actually made me feel like that ... their reason was 'no u have kids now and u are a wife and your friends have kids, I don't have kids so I don't understand it and I can't hang with you and your friends with kids, let me know when you are free alone.'  [sic] she wrote.

Mome Mahlangu

With many other fans having related to her story, Mome went on to say that she had, had to end longtime friendships in order to prioritize her relationships with her husband and her family because some of her close friends couldn't relate to her friends.

"Because I love my family & my business so much, I never feel the need to take a break from them but I always make time for all my friends and family, even some of my in-laws have me on speed dial. I guess that's the end of almost 13 years friendship and those who don't hear from me, Maybe I don't know how this friendship thing works but I have learned to understand that our values will never be the same, my family is my priority and what I live for #mahlanguville."

Mome also took to her Instagram feed uploading a video of her daughter, Khumo defending her against a troll that had expressed that she felt that the TV personality is 'ugly'.

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