Moshe Ndiki Called To Assist With Musa Khawula

It seems the first beat down was not enough

By  | Sep 04, 2022, 08:43 AM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Drama

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Moshe Ndiki is an award-winning television personality. But recently, or not so recently if the GBV allegations are to be believed, Ndiki has also been known to throw hands. Musa Khawula, on the other hand used to be one of the leading Twitter entertainment and pop culture accounts of late. But it seems that even tweeps are now getting tired of Khawula and are calling on Moshe Ndiki to do the right thing where Khawula is involved.

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The descent of Musa Khawula from gossip authority to troll

When Musa Khawula began to receive national attention, it was due to the sgaxas he shared via his Twitter account. From revelations of who influencers were secretly dating, to insider clips which seemed like exclusive content. Khawula gave and we lovers of izindaba were only too willing to enjoy the hot tea he served. 

Then came one of his biggest unfolding stories which centred around MIhlali “Hot Topic” Ndamase and her relationship with estranged married man Leeroy Sidambe. What was initially shocking revelations slowly turned into what many believed was malicious and obsessive over some he allegedly just wanted to be. 

As a result, tweeps would then ridicule Khawula for many stories he now just cuts and pastes from other platforms and shares as exclusives on Twitter without crediting the original source. Moreover, his timeline also became a site where he would personally attack people we knew nothing about. 
Moshe Ndiki called to assist with Musa Khawula   

Most recently, it does seem that Musa Khawula has run out of drama and is now just another shady Twitter account. Therefore, when his real-life frenemy, who Khawula alleges started fake parody accounts based on his fame, took to Twitter to share an image celebrating his mother’s 60th birthday. Khawula, instead of scrolling and moving on, decided to shade his frenemy by ridiculing his mother. 
In the comments section, tweeps made it clear that while a shady post every now and then is funny, parents are off limits. The post seemed to disturb many tweeps as it resulted in calls for Moshe Ndiki to find him again and deal with him decisively. 
Calls for Ndiki to return for a second round with Khawula were intensified as one of Khawula’s posts would take a dig at Ndiki and his failed marriage to the Bala Brothers, Phelo, who recently resurfaced on Instagram sharing a “proof of life” snap. 
But if you are wondering if Moshe will entertain the drama, it seems not. When Ndiki is not drinking and having fun with friends. The media personality is a full-time dad. Ndiki recently revealed having gotten a new dog by the name of Sue Ndiki. It seems that when he is not working, he is spending most of his time with his young pup and ensuring that Sue is taken care of and loved by Ndiki and his friends and family alike. But maybe Cassper Nyovest can organise something for the next celebrity boxing match between Moshe and Musa to settle matters once and for all. 
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