#ZAlebsNerd: Ms Cosmo & Samsung Level Over

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Ms Cosmo  | Drama

Welcome to the second edition of the #ZAlebsNerd and we think this week's products will make you drool with excitement! We got some help from the super awesome Ms Cosmo who joined us in the ZAlebs playroom this week to take some of the exciting gadgets we received from Samsung out on a spin. Ms Cosmo is a 5FM and club DJ who specializes in Hip Hop and we couldn't wait for her to give her verdict on the audio gear Samsung placed on our laps. If you're looking for a new set of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, feast your eyes on the below. 


Samsung sent through their latest wireless headphones from their Level Over range and Bluetooth speaker to test out and both devices will be excellent for music lovers. The wireless headphones (Which come with a cable for you to connect directly to your device if you're out of battery) are bulky but light in weight and can connect to any Bluetooth or NFC enabled device (Obviously it'd make more sense to connect it to your Galaxy smartphone! But thankfully Samsung doesn't discriminate). The Bluetooth speaker is a premium level wireless speaker that also connects via Bluetooth, NFC and the provided Aux-cable for direct connections with devices. Let's give you the breakdown on the Bluetooth speaker first

Top Features

This baby packs a punch when it comes to loudness. The common believe has always been "It's small, so it's not loud" but unless you're throwing a party in a room filled with over 30 people (And even then it could do a good job) this speaker is the one for you. 

The Bluetooth pairing is seemless, and although the NFC pairing was a little sticky it's easy to figure out and it works like a charm. You'll find there are very few issues with distance once your devices are paired and you can connect from the other side of any normal sized room without any issues. 

The annoying thing about this speaker is... 

Well, there aren't too many things that you can have an issue with. If you have no experience with pairing Bluetooth/NFC devices together, the speaker may be a little tricky for you to get the hang of (But even then, there is an instruction manual to help you through that and if that fails, Google!) 

Maybe I'm being a bit picky here but the one thing it's missing is a dock for your devices! It would be great if you could place your Galaxy phone on top of the speaker and have your phone charge. 

This speaker is for... 

Anybody who is on the move quite regularly and enjoys playing their music at a louder volume than normal without using headphones. It's a nifty little device and you'll find a way to incorporate it into your lifestyle; I would personally place it in my bedroom and listen to music when I sleep or when I'm getting ready to go somewhere. 

Next up let's dissect the Level Over Headphones. Check out the video below to see what Ms Cosmo thinks of the Samsung's premium level headphones. 

Overall, these are two audio devices I would recommend to just about anyone who enjoys listening to their music in good quality. If volume is a requirement, look no further than Samsung Audio devices! 


7/10 (for both devices!)