Msaki Speaks Out!

The songstress talks toxic celeb treatment

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Msaki  | Drama

Maski may be considered a newcomer to the industry but she is definitely finding out that there are a few down sides to this fame thing...

The Award-nominated songstress took to her personal Facebook page to pen her views on how Celebrity Culture has spiralled out of control.

The Fetch Your Life singer says she was just making an observation but it is not a light one. She says that the statement stems from watching how society treats celebrities in a "vile, evil, hypocritical, graceless way". Msaki says she's disappointed in what people have normalized in the name of having a laugh at their expense. 

Msaki, who is high key one of the most in-demand vocalists in the industry at the moment, may also be speaking from her new experiences the more famous she gets. Celebrities often forget that the bigger you become, the more people you reach and they're not all obligated to like you. 

The soon-to-be mother of three believes that celebrities are subjected to "heartless" and "over-familiar" behaviour from strangers and are often unable to express who they really are.

Seems like Msaki is not pleased with the constant invasion of her personal space and the realities of keeping up a profitable image as an entertainer. But, is that not a part of the game?

It may feel overwhelming on the receiving end, seeing all those comments, etc. but you can't cherry pick the things that come with your career. In 2019, nobody signs up to be a celebrity without understanding what their role in entertainment is. But more and more celebrities have been sharing the downsides of fame, more recently being Black Coffee and Pearl Thusi.

Black Coffee spoke out about this just last week when his the internet couldn't stop speculating about his marriage. The alleged mistress, selected by fans, was met with a tidal wave of comments from vans. Some insult her and others threatened her life. He reminded fans that celebrities (and their friends) are also real people!

Many hopped onto the trending conversation and added their views on the matter:

Do agree with Msaki? Should society's expectation on celebs loosen up a bit?

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