Mthunzi Namba's wife airs dirty laundry in church

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Mthunzi Namba  | Drama

Yho! Mthunzi Namba's wife allegedly put the gospel star on blast... in front of his congregation.

According to Sunday Sun, members of the pastor's church were shocked after Thabile revealed some dirty secrets about their marriage.

Members of His Glory Worship Tebernacle Church in Durban told the paper that Mthunzi bowed his head in shame after his wife put him on blast. A source said Thabile took the microphone and shared her trials and tribulations with church members.

A source said: "Among other things, Thabile told church members that Mthunzi has an allergic reaction to his family as he doesn't sleep at home and doesn't spend time with his children or his wife. As you see him in front of you, we don't even know when was the last time we saw him at home. He's busy preaching to you here while he does the opposite outside the church." 

Mthunzi and Thabile were reportedly not available for comment.