#Uthando Nes'thembu: MaKhumalo Reacts To Musa's Plans

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By  | Nov 19, 2021, 06:08 PM  | Musa Mseleku  | Drama

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Last week, Musa Mseleku on his polygamous reality show Uthando Nes'thembu, sparked a huge debate when he revealed that he wants to take wife number 5. The issue at hand is not only the fact that he wants to take wife number 5, but the fact that his girlfriends last name is Khumalo.

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"What's wrong with Khumalo?" you may ask, but the issue here that is also a concern for wife number 1, MaCele is that the girlfriend is from the same clan as wife number 3, Thobile MaKhumalo.

When her husband informed her that he has a new lover who is a Khumalo, MaCele immediately thought Musa was involved with a Khumalo sibling.

Now, last night the issue got discussed even further and MaCele still expressed her disapproval. But Musa maintained that none of his wives will leave him just because he has girlfriends.

So in order to get her opinion on this, MaCele dined with MaKhumalo to talk about this and her suspicions only got stronger. MaKhumalo then remembered that Musa once mentioned this to them so it is only a matter of time till he puts his plans into motion.

This is what MaKhumalo had to say, “Mthombeni once mentioned that he wanted a Khumalo woman. Secondly, Mamkhulu never makes things up. I know her. I bet you now, today or tomorrow she will tell me that Mthombeni has a Khumalo girlfriend.”

Their lunch date did not end very well though as MaKhumalo wanted to know if indeed he has found another Khumalo woman, but MaCele did not divulge much.

This created the impression that MaCele wanted to spite MaKhumalo.

Viewers reacted: "Musa and Macele treat the other wives like they are their children it’s so annoying. Also, I get that Macele nguMamkhulu but she sometimes think she’s the mother in law yoh ha.a."

"This casual talk about girlfriends is surprising. Where does he get the time? I will never understand Mseleku. So women do not care about infidelity when there is money? Hayi, I can't believe it."

"It might be a coincidence to meet "Makhumalo the girlfriend" and wanting children from her because MaKhumalo the wife can't bear children but it's insensitive. Mseleku has money, they could've opted for surrogacy or other procedures."

"What is happening to MaKhumalo hurts. If I'm being honest. Also Musa has lost all my respect. The man has four wives, like why does he still need gf's, to even tell his wife feels so disrespectful. It's like being told "you're not enough and you'll never be enough."

Last week, Musa's 20-year-old son Mpumelelo told Daily Sun that he already has a baby mama and a girlfriend. "I’m not cheating but I am following in my father’s footsteps. My relationship with them is built on trust and transparency. There’s no secret about it. The baby mama lives in Cape Town and my other girlfriend lives in Durban," he told the publication.

“Unfortunately I can’t reveal their names but I’ve been dating them since 2019 and I introduced them to each other. There’s no fight between the two of them because I was honest with them from the beginning."

“I made them understand the bigger picture. I have good intentions for them but I need to be financially stable before I do the right thing,” said Mpumelelo.

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