Nandi Madida out to expose men

She wants the #Metoo campaign to also be enforced in South Africa.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Nandi Madida  | Drama

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It's clear that Nandi is on a mission to expose men in high places who take advantage of women in the working environment.

If you're still wondering what the #Metoo campaign is about, let us school you a bit.

The #Metoo campaign was a movement developed back in 2006 in America and stemmed from women encouraging other women to speak out about the harassment they experienced from high profile men in their working environment.

This discussion has also filtered into the South African working environment discourse which has also seen many women speak out about how they get exploited by men in high places at work.

Nandi has gone out to vocalize her concern about the plight of young women subjected to exploitation when either looking for work or working in the entertainment industry or even in other industries.

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The media personality also shared that she'll be traveling to New York soon to speak about this topic at hand which has also affected working women in our country.


Represent Nandi!

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@NandiMadida

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