Nandi speaks on her relationship with Zakes and building an empire for Shaka

Nandi Madida was really not fazed about the whole thing.

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There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding media personality Nandi Madida and Zakes Bantwini’s marriage lately but Nandi says they are happy and that she is set to take on 2018 with her big plans.

In a recent interview on massive Metro Nandi shared that their decision to put Shaka (her son) on social media was more of a joke as they will allow him to take over as soon as he’s old enough to do so saying:

” he has his page, when he’s older then we’ll give it to him….to be honest it’s a big joke, but of course they’ll be a time where he’ll take over, we’ve been private in general but to be honest, with Shaka it’s almost like abuse, we’re just having fun with him, until he’s old enough to say this is my page...we have privatised it, but we’re just having fun, we’re very protective over him though…”

Nandi went on to add that motherhood for her has become much easier as her son is now more independent and very close to his father and hopes that his son, lives up to his name by one day building an empire.

“First three months is I love it, he’s a toddler, he’s very independent...I feel like the King Shaka revolutionised so much for black people...I hope my son will have his own legacy of creating his own empire…”

Nandi Madida came into the industry doing tons of work on the screen at just the age of fifteen. Nandi plans on releasing some music in the middle of the year as that is her tradition.

“I’m dropping something on the second half of the year…going back to music, I always do it every year, I’m definitely going back to music but just doing it as a passion, I was scouted by universal, they scouted me from a song I did, tonight, and they signed me...”

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The media personality went on to clear the air about her presence at BET saying that she had left because she knew that it was the right time to leave.

“I’m no longer part of BET, I’ve been offered something else...I’m no longer feeling it for many reasons and I always know when to exit, it’s always good to know your worth...I’ve never actually left a show…”

Touching on the controversial Twitter thread in relation to her marriage, Nandi added that herself and Zakes had laughed the whole matter off and that her relationship is kept between herself and her partner.

“Make sure your relationship is between you and the person you love, no one has power over it, no one has a say over it, people will always talk...we were laughing...people will try and break something that’s beautiful...there’s nothing you can do…

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