Ambitiouz Entertainment And Mabala Noise Drag Each Other

The two recording labels are beefing!

By  | Sep 02, 2020, 09:51 AM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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Mabala Noise and Ambitiouz Entertainment have gone head to head once again on social media.

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The two equally disgraced recording labels have had major artists signed under them however they all left one by one with nothing but bad words to describe their former bosses.

Even though the two recording labels have some popular up and coming artists that are signed under them, they still battle it out on who had the biggest artists.

Their twar started when Ambitiouz Entertainment bragged about being the biggest recording company currently, because their artists are topping charts.

Reigning on their parade, Mabala Noise called them out for their 'unnecessary bragging' trolling them about being the cause of a cold Spring season.

Even though names were not mentioned, the two record labels felt attacked and a twar ensued. You know how the saying goes; If the shoe fits, wear it!

"You see this thing of people saying they are the number one record label in SA unprovoked? Now it’s a cold day in #Spring," Mabala Noise said trolling AE.

Ambitiouz Entertainment then responded by saying their music is trash, "This happened because your music emits CO2 and contributes to climate change."

Their clap backs was a start of a twar as they went back and forth, bashing each other. Nothing was off limits as each other of them pulled out their own major artists past and present who changed the game.

Ambitiouz Entertainment currently has 3 artists in the top 10 charts Miss Pru, Blaq Diamond and Malome Vector, with their three hit songs uHulumeni, Price To Pay and Dumelang respectively.

Defending themselves, Mabala Noise has some recognizable names under them including Zakwe who is still relevant in the game. The record label then suggested that they battle it out on a versus, however Ambitiouz was not keen on it, and told the label to relax, they are still busy recording hits. However if they were to engage in a battle it would be with the big labels such as Universal.

"The Day you are not signed to another Label we will think about !! Until then we will only entertain your father," said Ambitiouz.

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