Nasty C Going Broke?

He addresses the leaked screenshots

By  | Apr 01, 2021, 03:06 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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There's been a leaked screenshot of an account claiming to be Nasty C's asking people for money. The rapper recently took to social media to address the matter.

Nasty, who also calls himself Spank Daddy was trending a few weeks back for insinuating that he is better than ‘rap god’ Eminem. The rapper was on a Live Instagram chat with his followers when he stated that he could take on the multi-award-winning US rapper. He stated: ‘I can spank him.”

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While some of his fans believed that the South African rapper could outdo Eminem, many had issues with his ‘spanking’ statement and resulted in many social media users being perplexed.

Here were some of their comments:

Nasty & Eminem is not a bad match, both are good in there own way of rap, but come to think of it, Eminem wasn't as dope as Nasty at his younger age & Nasty can't last in the game as Eminem, being relevant for yrs ain't shit bro, but nasty still has something to prove.” 

“This is very disrespectful and I actually love Nasty C...TF is he talking about..? He can't even touch Royce..TF???” 

 “Lol...this gave me tears in my eyes. Can members of his team please take away his phone? Who has heard about MGK since he went up against Mathers??”

“Why all these young rappers wanna beef with Eminem ?? It's like a universal rule now. They wanna be controversial using Eminem's name.”

This wasn’t the first time the South African rapper compared himself to Eminem, as in 2018, the rapper also stated that his then album was better than Kanye West,  NAS and J Cole’s album. He believed that his album of 2018 was as good as Drake’s Scorpion album.

He tweeted: "Only Scorpion competes. I'm a fan of Em, Cole and Nas but their albums aren't better than mine. Put status aside,"

While some of his fans in 2018 agreed with his statements on social media, some felt that his Tweets at the time were inappropriate as he hasn’t been in the game for that long. 

A fan replied: "Whu big boy talk! Own it king.” 

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