Nasty's Social Media Outcry

He lashes out toxic Twitter users

By  | Mar 03, 2022, 03:28 PM  | Nasty C  | Drama

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Multi-award winning rapper Nasty C is one of the country's most private celebs. The rapper enjoys living a drama-free life and he is not one to attract negative energy that comes with social media.

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It is no secret that the passing of Patrick Shai and Riky Rick has prompted many celebs to have a dialogue about depression and how toxic Twitter can be at times. Many have been calling on their fans to unfollow cyberbullies and toxic Twitter users.

Sharing his two cents on this heated topic Nasty C shared a series of Tweets where he cautioned his fans to be careful about what they consume on social media. He encouraged them to delete the platform to protect their energy, instead of spending time lamenting about how toxic the app can be.

"Don’t spend all day on twitter complaining about people on twitter. Just leave. Delete it. It really is that simple. Post your links if you must but don’t stay here. If you’re looking for love/ kindness/ support/ understanding/ solution, you won’t find it here," he said.

He went on to add that people are giving Twitter too much attention and called the platform another version of hell. "We’re giving this app way too much power & control over our real lives. I promise you if we all just left, it would be a huuuge step in the right direction. It’s just another version of hell.. that’s in your phone." he wrote.
In closing he said "If you wanna be picked apart, judged, hated, dragged, mislead etc.. you’re in the right place. Get comfy. this is your home.  If you love yourself or want to start loving yourself, leave.  It really is that simple. Have a good one."

Another celeb who recently spoke about mental health and protecting your peace is Ayanda Borotho. She said the past couple of days she was overwhelmed by the negative news she consumed.

"Everything is ENERGY. EVERYTHING. Words,, images, music, people, what we do...everything. As we engage the world, may we understand that we are engaging energy. And may God give us the wisdom to know what kind of energy we are engaging and most importantly the kind of impact it has on us emotionally, mentally and what that then manifests as PHYSICALLY.".

"Last night I was so overwhelmed by all the negative news I had consumed the past months and weeks. It all came to a spiraling halt. And thank God my husband was there to pull me out of it. This morning I feel better. Better because I know how deeply affected I have been by what I have been consuming."

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