Somizi Upgrades As His New Man 'Is Comfortable'

Somizi once again throws shade at Mohale Motaung

By  | Jul 07, 2022, 03:02 PM  | Somizi Mhlongo  | Drama

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Somizi Mhlongo has been very vocal about his dating life and how he has moved on from his marriage with his ex-husband Mohale Motaung. The latest episode of Living The Dream sees Somizi Mhlongo talking very fondly of his new boyfriend who he says 'ticks all the boxes.'

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It has been almost two months now after Living The Dream premiered, and viewers are not exactly jumping for joy when a new episode premiers. That's because Somizi will speak about Mohale or throw shade at him. One way or the other, Somizi will jump at the opportunity to shade the Opulence radio presenter.

No matter what viewers might make of it, this strategy might be working for Somizi but we wonder for how long?

In the latest episode of Living The Dream which airs on Showmax, Somizi gushed over his new man. Somizi is happy at the fact that this new man is in the same league as he is

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This is because the new man apparently has a house, car, and a healthy bank balance. 

“I am a sucker for mjolo,” declared Somizi who went on to announce that he is currently seeing someone. “I can’t afford to date a man that I still have to raise right now,” he added, throwing shade at Mohale Motaung.

“I have a house. He’s got a house… I have a car, he’s got a car. I have a bank balance, a healthy bank balance, he’s got a healthy bank balance,” he added.

“The person that I’m seeing right now, he is very comfortable,” he gushed. 

Somizi then said he will be getting married again following his failed marriage to Mohale.

On his family's support, Somizi thanks them for being there for him throughout his divorce.

“Whenever you are faced with challenges and turmoil and trials and tribulations, be still. Stop fiddling and peddling and trying to revenge and trying to do this. Be still for he is God. Let go and let God.”

“If you have no idea what I am talking about, look at the situation that I have been in and how I responded or the lack of a response and the impact that it had. Silence is truly… figuratively and literally golden!”

Mohale has been trolled for apparently pulling a 'heist' on Somizi but he clapped back at these claims and explained in an interview, “Look I don’t really think I’m a gold digger, but I like nice things and I met him, he likes nice things and introduced me to a bigger lifestyle of nicer things.” 

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Here's what viewers think of the new episode:

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