Natasha Thahane's Impressive Snapback Sparks Debate

"What's the pressure?"

By  | Jun 29, 2022, 11:45 AM  | Natasha Thahane  | Drama

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Natasha Thahane has shown off her impressive snap-back game and it is on point. The Blood And Water star gave birth to her first baby a few weeks ago and already managed to shed some of the pregnancy weight, leaving social media users divided.

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The new mommy is on a beachy vacation at an undisclosed location. She posted snippets from her vacation while wearing a two-piece bikini, showing off her almost flat tummy.

On Instagram, users were left impressed with her snapback and showered her with praises. However, on Twitter users were puzzled on why she is in a rush to get her old body back.

Tweeps still share the same sentiments as Slik Talk who say she made a mistake by having a baby with Lorch. He was accused of cheating on her while she was pregnant.

Slik Talk once said, "This is one of the worst mistakes you've ever made in your life, you don't beg on a guy like Lorch. He is a complete liability , a fraud and overhyped media darling. He will disappoint you every time.

"You don't make a baby with a guy like Lorch, he is an embarrassment.  I'm an Orlando Pirates supporter. Do you know how much money I've lost because of this clown? You know how much embarrassment I've had to take because of this clown? He just embarrassed us on the weekend and you gonna be impregnated by a clown like Lorch," he said.

Others will not let her rest over the whole R1 million saga and demand more answers from her.
The star went on Podcast and Chill with MacG and claimed that she got a R1 million scholarship from Mam Baleka to study abroad. The country was left enraged over her claims especially looking at her acting skills. 

"I went to maam Baleka Mbete, who was still the Chairperson of Parliament then, I'm like "Mama, I need to go and study," she said. 

She further added, "She managed to speak to Arts and Culture and then they gave me funding."

Natasha caught smoke and had to release a statement saying she did not exactly receive R1 million. 

β€œI did not receive R1 million from Mam Baleka Mbete or the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture. If you listen to the interview, you will realise it was taken out of context. Before I go through the process, I would like to profusely apologise to Mam Baleka Mbete and the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture as I spoke as if I have a personal relationship with her which I don’t.”

Minister Nathi Mthethwa also agreed that Natasha requested such funds but did not provide further details. 

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