MacG's Podcast Lands Him In Trouble With Dj Sbu

That was a distasteful joke

By  | Dec 05, 2021, 10:45 AM  | DJ Sbu  | Drama

Image of DJ Sbu
Podcast and Chill with MacG has landed many celebrities in trouble. From Natasha Thahane and her “corruption” scandal, to Jub Jub and his multiple rape accusations. But now, MacG himself could be in trouble with DJ Sbu because of his own platform. 

In the now infamous episode where MacG hosted Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub, the two of them spoke at length on many topics, some of which have attracted a lot of attention. But what almost flew under the radar was their conversation on the LGBTQ+, in which MacG alluded to DJ Sbu being gay. 

Jub Jub first asked MacG what he thinks of gay men, to which he responded that he loves them. In explaining that he takes no issue with the LGBTQ+ community, MacG continued to say that he has many gay friends, including DJ Sbu. The two of them then erupted in laughter; a moment which was not appreciated by a few viewers, worst of all, Dj Sbu himself. 

The DJ went on his Instagram to express his disappointment at the two of them. Sharing a snippet of the interview, he questioned both Jub Jub and MacG on why they would disrespect him like that. “Is this how you thank me my brothers?” he wrote.

Fans have varying opinions on whether MacG and Jub Jub meant to disrespect Dj Sbu, and on whether the latter has any right to be offended. Some believe that though distasteful, the two were only joking, and there is no reason for DJ Sbu to catch feelings. On the other hand, some of the DJ’s fans think that it was very rude for them to talk about him like that. 
But there is a third unintended consequence that may prove to be a pain to DJ Sbu. Members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community are now questioning why he is so offended that he was called gay. “Why is it disrespectful to be called gay?” they are demanding to know. 

The list of people with grievances at MacG because of his podcast keeps growing. Just recently, he came under fire for failing to edit out parts of an interview with Natasha Thahane that her team allegedly asked him to remove. 

He was also dragged for being misogynistic and for providing a platform on which people could spew very vile things with no consequences, as he encourages and claps for them. In fact, tweeps have even been calling for his cancellation. 
However it plays out for MacG, it may be time for him to tread lightly. Whatever his motivations may be, he is creating many enemies, even though he is gaining many supporters and fans as well. 

Either way, it looks like Dj Sbu will be waiting for him and Jub Jub to come out and offer an apology, as he was clearly not amused by their comedy, no matter how many fans tell him that it was only a joke. 

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