Rafael Nadal's Madiba blunder

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Nelson Mandela  | Drama

He may have won the French Open, but like so many of us mere mortals, Twitter has shown tennis star Rafael Nadal that when it comes to embarrassing moments, he is no exception! Earlier this week Rafael found himself in some hot water after he posted a tweet about Nelson Mandela passing away.

Rafael took to Twitter on Monday and wrote: “Today we have lost one of the most important and relevant people in our world.  Rest in peace #NelsonMandela”.

With Mandela currently receiving treatment in hospital for a recurring lung infection, it was pretty clear that Rafael was ill-informed. However, he was brave enough to admit his mistake and later went back to Twitter to correct himself. 

“I had incorrect information and for now #NelsonMandela has not left us, I hope that he is with us for much longer; his actions will be with us for ever.’’

We can only imagine how embarrassed Rafael was after he received millions of tweets from around the globe dismissing his unfounded story of one of South Africa’s greatest legends. Sorry Rafael, maybe next time you should wait before you tweet?