New singer on the block can't handle her liquor

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Drama

Rumour has it that up-and-coming vocalist Fiesta Black can't handle her alcohol.

The singer, whose real name is Thandi Mokgoankgoa, created a stir recently when Drum magazine reported that she accused Boom Shaka singer Thembi Seete of stealing her song.

Fiesta Black, or FB, also implicated producer DJ Ganyani in the controversial affair by claiming he was the one who gave her new song, Thuntsha Lerole, to Thembi to use as a comeback track.

But the tables have turned against FB, with insiders saying that irresponsible boozing is behind her outbursts and alleged tantrums.

According to the Daily Sun, sources say FB is often unreasonable and difficult when she's had a few.

"That girl behaves like a diva. She has little to no self-control and she doesn't think straight!" said one insider.

"While they were promoting the hit song Xigubu she started to demand payments - even though they were doing the promotions for free."

The publication claims that FB became irate when she started hearing her breakthrough song with DJ Ganyani, Xigubu from his compilation album 'Ganyani House Grooves 8', being played "everywhere" as it gained popularity.

Feeling cheated, she reportedly soured the partnership with the DJ Ganyani when she started demanding money.

Added the source: "FB threw her toys out of the cot and told Ganyani that she was a brand. She said she needed her money, or else...

"Fame went to her head. She must just stop drinking because alcohol is not good for her."

When approached for comment, DJ Ganyani reportedly denied any ill feeling between himself and the singer, but also said he doesn't "want to be involved in this".

FB was, however, less diplomatic and lamented her new status as tabloid fodder.

Said Fiesta Black: "I am not going to say anything about it, as that has nothing to do with you. Please don't write about this because I have enough drama as it is already. I am tired of being in the papers for the wrong reasons."